Tarrant County jury still deliberating fate of mom who faked son's illness

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The Tarrant County jury that convicted a mother of trying to starve her son to death is having trouble agreeing on her punishment.

Danita Tutt is facing probation to life in prison for faking illnesses for her son, and with-holding food and water. During the trial prosecutors say Tutt convinced doctors to give her son Colby surgeries he did not need.

The trial has taken five weeks, with one week on the guilt or innocence phase and now more time to decide punishment. The jury has already sent out a note to the judge indicating they are having trouble arriving at a unanimous decision.

Tutt’s attorneys presented more than a dozen witnesses who testified Danita Tutt is a good mother and sending her to prison and breaking up her family would hurt her two sons who live with her now.

Courthouse observers who are not associated with this case have been keeping an eye on the trial and say they can't recall a case like this one dragging on for so long.

Deliberations will resume on Friday morning.