Tarrant County College professor suspended after bizarre behavior

Tarrant County College confirmed it has placed an adjunct professor on indefinite suspension following an incident that left students frightened and confused.

Astronomy Instructor Daniel Mashburn showed up to class Tuesday with his face covered and a bizarre message about Islam. A student recorded cell phone video after campus police were called.

Two days after the ordeal, the college still isn't saying much about the incident.

Students say Mashburn arrived at his first class of the semester Tuesday night with his face covered. He turned off the lights and went on what students described as a frightening religious rant.

Campus police and TCC will only say that an investigation is underway, and Mashburn is on indefinite suspension. He was not arrested Tuesday night. And despite student concerns, police say they found no weapons on him. Students say the college told them a new instructor will take over the class.

When FOX 4 spoke with Mashburn Wednesday night, he would only take questions from the balcony of his apartment with his face still covered.

It’s unclear when Mashburn was hired or whether he had previously demonstrated any strange behavior in class. The TCC Board and the administration refused to address those questions. The board president says it's a personnel matter and is part of the internal investigation.

A TCC spokesperson confirmed that after working as an instructional associate in the math lab, Mashburn applied for a position of Adjunct Professor. He then went through an interview process. TCC did not provide details of how the process works.

Mashburn told FOX 4 that during the hiring process, there were things he didn't want the college to know.

On social media, some who say they know Mashburn say they've always enjoyed working with him but have never seen that side of him.

"I do not know why they fear me, why are they afraid of a man who covers his face and his hands,” Mashburn said in a Wednesday interview. “I offer you nothing but a Koran, but a book and the universe."

Police in North Richland Hills, where Mashburn lives, confirm an email was sent out to police staff making sure officers were aware of him.

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