Tarrant Area Food Bank handing out food and flowers for Mother's Day weekend

North Texas food banks say the need remains great. Families are still trying to make ends meet while needing fresh food.

In honor of Mother's Day weekend, the Tarrant Area Food Bank celebrated with meals for moms.

Dickies Arena is a new location for many picking up food and trying to remedy a familiar dilemma.   

To begin this holiday weekend, the TAFB is providing not only 100 pounds of food but something extra for moms. Walmart has donated fresh flowers for each mom.

"Especially job-wise, not having work for over a year and then finally getting back to work was great," said Alecia Johnson, who was picking up food.

Johnson is a home health nurse who is now working again, but now navigating a tough economy with soaring inflation.

"This morning, I was going to work like I typically do," she recalled. "And my best friend called and said to come pick up food for your mom your kids and your family. I said, ‘Okay, I’ll come.’ And I just swung by."

The food bank is now ramping up efforts with summertime in mind.

"Children in the summer don’t have access to their school lunch program and breakfast programs. So that’s another added burden in addition to inflation," said Stephen Raecide with the TAFB. "Those mothers have to provide 15 meals throughout the week, and that is just hard to do."

Moms like Alecia Johnson can relate. It may be the reason her friend added a big hug to her visit.