1 year later, no arrests made in drive-by shooting of sleeping Forest Hill 15-year-old girl

One year ago on Tuesday, a drive-by shooter fired into a home in a Fort Worth suburb, killing a sleeping 15-year-old girl.

Talia Fields' family members still mourn her loss like it happened yesterday. The case remains unsolved.

Her mother says she never expected to still be without answers a year later. 

The family says police shared that they have some leads, but so far, no one has been arrested for Talia’s murder.

A quick glance at a highway sign along Crowley Road in Fort Worth looks like just another highway sign. But a closer look reveals a name: Talia ‘Sugar’ Fields. 

The portion of Crowley Road was adopted in memory of the 15-year-old killed one year ago.

"Today feels like the day it happened. The same feeling," said Talicia Fields, Talia’s mother. "Every day I long for her." 

Forest Hill police say around 3:15 a.m. on July 9, 2023, someone fired multiple shots into Talia’s bedroom window. Police are investigating it as a drive-by shooting. 

"I have not had a night where that moment hasn’t played in my head," Talicia said.


Mother of 15-year-old girl killed in Forest Hill drive-by shooting 'angry,' hoping for answers

Talia Fields’ mother said now that her daughter has been laid to rest, it’s her mission to find justice for her family.

When it happened, investigators told FOX 4 they thought it might be connected to other nearby homes and vehicles damaged by gunfire on the same night. 

The only suspect description police gave is vague: a man with a shirt tied around his head and a large tattoo on his chest. 

"Every time I reach out to the Forest Hill Police Department, they tell me the same thing; that they’re still investigating the case. And they have leads, but no one has been arrested for the murder of my daughter yet," Talicia said. "I want answers. I need to know."

Talicia says it has left her family feeling neglected. 

To honor Talia’s life, the family put pink balloons on the portion of the road named after the girl.

Talicia hopes someone will see the sign or hear her message and come forward with information. 

"My prayer is every day, if anybody knows anything about the killing of Talia Fields, that somebody say something," she said. "She did not deserve this." 

FOX 4 reached out to multiple people at the Forest Hill Police Department for updates on the case, but we have not heard back.

Anyone with information on Talia’s murder is urged to contact the Forest Hill Police Department.