Syrian family living in Garland reacts to airstrikes

A refugee family that resettled in Garland is trying to contact family members in Syria.

They fled from the civil war seven years ago, but have not forgotten their loved ones left behind.

The family says they are glad that President Trump has taken action, but concerned about a brother and sister who are still living in Syria.

Ibrahim Al Aqla spoke to Fox 4 in Arabic as his 13-year-old son Bilal Al Agla translated.

“We're just sad, but we think Donald Trump can help the people,” his son translated.

Now, they're seeing horrific images of men, women and children dying in suspected chemical attacks in their home country from the comfort of their new and safe home in Garland.

Fox 4 asked them about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. They want him out of power.

“He killed, like, a million of the people.”

Al Aqla's brother and sister are still in Syria. They're trying to contact them to make sure they're safe, but communication is difficult.

The family says they love living in the United States and in North Texas, and are very thankful to be far from the attacks.