Suspect who crashed into FOX 4 has a long criminal history, remains jailed

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The outside of the FOX 4 News building is boarded up a day after a man crashed a pickup truck into it twice. That man is still in jail on a $25,000 bond.

Surveillance video shows Michael Chadwick Fry taking a rented truck and intentionally smashing it into a wall of windows on the side of the building.

Police arrested him after he scattered flyers and screamed incoherently about a 2012 deadly shooting involving a Denton County sheriff’s deputy. As police escorted him to jail he continued rambling.

“They committed a high treason against me. They were trying to kill me and they missed and they killed Robert Carlos Hernandez and ever since I’ve been running for my life. I’m not smart enough. I don’t have enough money. I’m mentally challenged. But I tried to do what I could to demand questions be heard,” he said.

Fry is charged with felony criminal mischief. No one was hurt and police do not believe he was targeting employees inside the building and instead just wanted attention.

A suspicious bag he left behind was investigated by the bomb squad and determined not dangerous.

Fry has a long history of arrests dating back 15 years for things like assault, criminal mischief, arson, theft, drug possession and DWI. His most recent arrest was in June for assault and resisting arrest.

The mother of the man killed in that 2012 traffic stop said her son was trying to distance himself from him because of his history.

“He’s crazy. His mind is not right. I feel horrible for him mentioning my son’s name or doing anything in my son’s name. All I want is my son to rest in peace,” Roberto Hernandez’ mother, Silvia Hernandez, said in Spanish.

According to the Denton County Sheriff’s Office, deputies pulled Fry and Hernandez over for speeding. Fry was driving but he switched seats with Hernandez because he was on probation for DWI.

Deputies said they asked the men to step out of the car but Hernandez instead put the car in reverse and rammed the deputy’s squad car. The deputy took out a gun and shot and killed Hernandez.

Silvia Hernandez blames Fry for her son’s death.

“He should feel guilty. He’s the main reason why my son is not here. He should be dead, not my son,” she said.

The deputy who shot and killed Hernandez was not charged.