Suspect involved in DART train beating has no regrets

One of the men in jail for his role in a DART light rail train mob beating told FOX4 he is not sorry.

Remon Hendrix, 23, is one of three people in custody for the attack that left a man unconscious on the Deep Ellum train platform on July 30. Remon said in a Monday jailhouse interview he was protecting his little brother and if it happened again he'd do the exact same thing.         

"I don't feel bad about protecting my family, I don't know that man, he was attacking my family,” Remon said.

But police say there's no indication that Kennan Jones provoked the attack that left him seriously hurt. Hendrix says he has no remorse despite cell phone video that shows him punching Jones in the face twice after he was beaten to the ground by a group of young men and women.

"That's about the only lick I really gave him” Remon said, who is charged with misdemeanor assault.

Younger brother Jakobi, 21, is charged with aggravated assault for hitting Jones in the head with a skateboard. 

"That's the reason he ended up unconscious.  Like with me and my family.  We are real thick about each other, you touch any one of us, we're not going to play with you, period,” Remon said.

Jakobi Hendrix said in a jailhouse interview on Friday he was sorry, apologized to the victim and even called for his younger brother Cameron -- who was involved in the initial fight on the train-- to turn himself in. FOX4 has learned DART now has an arrest warrant for Cameron Hendrix. 

The victim, Jones, said the attack started after he asked the group not to smoke pot on the train.    

Remon said from jail he had nothing to say to Jones.

"Nah, because if I did, it would be lying, like he should just mind his own business.  Didn't no one else jump up and try to be a hero,” Remon said.

DART police are still looking for four others involved in the initial attack on Jones.

Hendrix said he doesn't know any of his brothers’ friends involved in the train attack and said he talked from jail because the video does not properly depict him.

Police arrested a third person on Monday for their role in the attack. A juvenile girl seen in the video dressed in red and with red braids was taken into custody and sent to the Henry Wade Juvenile Detention Center.