Suspect hospitalized after officer-involved shooting at Dallas driver's license office

One suspect was hospitalized after an officer-involved shooting at a Dallas driver’s license office Wednesday afternoon.

Police converged on the DPS Dallas East building off Northwest Highway and Jupiter about 5 p.m. for the shooting involving a DPS officer and an off-duty police officer.

A man shopping at northwest plaza captured the immediate aftermath of the officer-involved shooting.

Cynthia Contreras was another witness who had just pulled into the busy parking lot when she heard gun shots.

“We saw that the state trooper was shooting, but we didn't see at what or who they were shooting at,” Contreras explained.

Numan Abdella said he saw the foot chase and shooting through the front window of his thrift store.

"I saw a man running to a white BMW, right behind him was a trooper -- a lady officer. She tried to stop him. He tried to jump into the BMW tried to go over her, and at that moment she start shooting,” Abdella said. “Then I saw another police officer come out helping her open up the driver’s side of the BMW, trying to stop him again. I believe he reversed it, and then I heard another shot. After that, it was quiet.”

According to a Dallas police sergeant who was on scene, the other officer Abdella saw helping the DPS trooper was an off-duty Ferris police officer who was at the plaza.

The white BMW collided with an SUV. A view from Sky4 showed where the two vehicles came to a stop in the middle of the parking lot. There were several bullet holes in the driver's side door of the car.

Witness cell phone video showed the suspect being checked out by Dallas Fire Rescue and carried to a nearby ambulance.

The trooper was not injured during the shooting.

Officials say the suspect was wanted on a felony count. He was transported to Texas Health Presbyterian for treatment after the shooting.