Suspect breaks into veteran, pregnant wife's East Dallas home

A veteran and his pregnant wife feel terrorized by the man who broke into their East Dallas home while they were asleep in bed Monday morning.

The break-in captured on surveillance shows him scoping out the front of the house before running around back where police say he opened a window and got inside.

Mouk Chounlamany and Ketmany Rasasack are first-time home buyers who are expecting their first child.

But the sense of security the couple felt when they moved into their first home near Ferguson and Highland roads nearly a month ago is gone.

A doorbell camera captured the suspect at 5:42 a.m. when he was scoping out the home. He then goes around back, jumped the fence, pried open the window and climbed inside.

The couple, with baby girl Luna due in November, heard a loud noise. Chounlamany grabbed the closest weapon, a hammer. Then, they got an alarm alert on their phones that the front door was open.

At 5:47 a.m., the camera captured the man again, running away with Rasasack’s purse and Chounlaman’s wallet.

"My conscience told me, 'Hey, wake up. Go!’” recalled Chounlamany. "I don't care if he stole something. It's just the fear of my family's safety."

The suspect made off with IDs, credit cards and hundreds of dollars in gift cards and cash from their baby shower.

Chounlamany says the man also stole his military ID. He is an Air Force veteran who served in Iraq.

Chounlamany did not want to own a gun after seeing the hurt they cause at war. After the break-in, he went out and bought one and more surveillance cameras.

The couple does not think the man who broke in was carrying a weapon nor did the thief confront them.

"We're going to be prepared. That's all that we can do,” said Chounlamany. “And we're going to try to deter anything that's going to happen."

Police sent an officer to their home after the break-in, and a detective showed up later to dust for fingerprints. Police told the couple they'll have the detective assigned to the case review the surveillance video.