Suspect arrested in home invasion after grandmother recognizes him

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DeKalb County Police have identified one of the suspects accused of breaking into a retired Army veteran's home this week.

And they say the suspect's own grandmother turned him in.

Police say the grandmother recognized her grandson after FOX 5 aired surveillance video of the home invasion, and hauled him off to the precinct.

Roland Anthony told FOX 5 earlier this week that he hadn't been in his house long enough to unpack when three people tried to break in.

His home surveillance caught the suspects roaming around his front yard, peering through the windows and checking the door.

One of the would-be thieves broke through a dining room window and crawled through, Anthony said.

"I heard glass break and said 'That's one of my windows,' so I ran downstairs," said Anthony.

After going downstairs, Anthony said that he believed that either he or the alarm scared the suspects and they left without taking anything.

Police are still working to identify the other two suspects. The name of the suspect in custody has not been released.