Surveillance video shows moment of drive-by shooting in Uptown Dallas

Dallas police now believe a drive-by shooting that left two people injured last week in Uptown Dallas may have been random.

The shooting happened this past Friday as a man and a woman were waiting on a red light near Klyde Warren Park. Surveillance video from the Federal Reserve building across the street shows the victim's BMW in the center lane, waiting at an intersection.

When the light turned green, an SUV pulled up on the right-hand side and someone inside it opened fire. They fired at least a dozen rounds into the BMW, hitting the woman in the passenger seat four times in the chest and leg, police said.

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The shooting happened near Klyde Warren Park, which is normally a safe area without a lot of traffic at 3 a.m.

Police said it doesn’t appear to be a targeted shooting. That’s especially alarming to the sergeant investigating.

“Honestly, the case is kind of baffling,” Sgt. Brian Simonds said.

Simonds was on scene the morning of the shooting, meeting the victims where they stopped after driving away in a panic. Their bullet-riddled BMW was parked on McKinney Avenue.

The woman was taken to a hospital in serious condition. She is now recovering. The man driving was not shot.

“They are still very much traumatized by the incident itself,” Sgt. Simonds said.

He said that after talking to the victims and reviewing video from nine surveillance cameras in the area, there is no evidence that the victims in the BMW did anything to provoke road rage.

“It’s very stunning. As a department, obviously we see violent crime as a huge issue right now. Something like this occurring completely random — it doesn’t happen a lot,” he said.

Police think that two SUVs caught on camera at a nearby gas station on McKinney Avenue 10 minutes before the shooting are the vehicles involved. They look like a Ford Edge with a spoiler and a Chevy Equinox with a roof rack.

Police are also looking for one woman and two men seen those vehicles.

The woman was a white female with blond hair who was wearing gray jogging pants, a long sleeve top and white shoes.

The men were both black males. One had a man bun and was wearing a dark top with pajama pants and large slippers. The other had long braided hair in a ponytail and was wearing a white shirt with dark pants.

“We’re all taking this seriously,” Sgt. Simonds added.

Right now, the gang unit is not involved in the investigation. Police have asked about a dozen more businesses in the area to pull surveillance video for them.

Anyone who has a business in the area that may have video or who may have witnessed the vehicles or incident is asked to call 214-671-3653 or email