Student facing felony charge after bringing gun to Mansfield ISD school

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Police confiscated a gun from a student Thursday at a Mansfield ISD school for fifth and sixth graders

Administrators at Mary Orr Intermediate School say another student reported that a child had the gun on campus.

Mansfield ISD police responded and found the student with an unloaded handgun. The student told investigators he brought it to school to show a friend.

Parent Melony Booher feels like she has to talk to her fifth grader about violence too often.

"Even after El Paso, if we are in a store l always say, ‘If you hear something, what do you do?' They know where to go. They know where to hide," she said. "It's sad you have to have those conversations with kids."

After Thursday, parents will have to have that talk again.

"The kids don't even know. I just asked them," said parent Priscilla Perez. "So that's kind of sad that we have to go home and explain it to them."

"Please be assured that providing a safe environment for our students and staff will always be our top priority," Principal Duane Thurston said in a letter to parents. "We encourage you talk with your child about our policy about bringing unauthorized objects to school for any reason. Also, please urge your child to confidentially tell an adult if someone has an item that concerns them."

The student has been charged with a second-degree felony for having the weapon on campus.

Mansfield ISD did not release any further information about the incident. The district only referred us to the letter.

It's unclear how the student who reported the gun knew about it or who that student told about it.

As for the child accused of bringing the gun to school, it's unclear what exact charge he faces. It is also unclear where the child got the gun from or whether other charges could be filed.

Mansfield ISD police have not responded to our request for comment.