Still warm for some... cool for others

Early AM Sunday brings a cold front draped along the Red River and winding southeast towards Greenville. The front will continue pushing south as the morning rolls on, eventually bringing cooler air in behind it. Thanks to the lagging cooler air, areas in the Metroplex and areas SW will stay a little warmer than previously thought, while areas north and NE will be in the 50s. For the Metroplex, expect winds SE 5-15 and plenty of clouds with a high around 64°.

Just after sunset, rain chances increase from 20% to 40% as more moisture filters into the area. After 10PM that chance goes up to 80% as rain becomes more widespread. For areas in the Metroplex, the precip will be all rain. Areas near the Red River and farther NW may see light icing on vegetation and elevated surfaces.

The rain should taper off late tomorrow morning, but Monday only brings highs in the 40s. Slightly warmer Tuesday, with highs in the mid to upper 40s.

Conditions slowly return to near normal in the low 60s by next weekend.