Stay-at-home order having long-lasting effects on Dallas County businesses

With federal stimulus loans hard to come by and the stimulus checks still weeks away, many business owners and people who were laid off continue to struggle with what lies ahead.

The stay at home order is impacting small businesses and employees in a big way. Many of them are trying to keep their head above water as they wait for federal and state relief.

Dallas County residents were ordered to stay at home back on March 24. The order is now more than 14 days ago and is having a lasting impact.

Following the order, non-essential businesses were forced to close. It has created empty shopping centers and a cascade of closed signs.

LaTarah Edmond owns Good Hair Day Salon in Duncanville.

“Initially, I thought about the fact I was not going to be able to conduct hair services. For our industry, that means no revenue,” she said. “I've applied for the payroll protection. I have contacted everybody, my landlord, bill collectors, asking about deferral programs, any type of reprieve right now because this is affecting everyone.”

While a FOX 4 crew as at Edmond’s salon, nearby business owners talked about their current struggle, hoping their landlord works with them during this difficult time.

Larry Farris weeks is a Downtown Dallas bartender who was sent home from work weeks ago.

“The last three weeks have been crazy,” he said. “Each week gets worse and worse.” ​

Farris says his apartment complex is working with him because he is out of a job. He is trying to make the most of this situation and is now doing cooking and cocktail instructional videos on Facebook and YouTube. He says he has been getting financial donations from people online to help him get by.

“This has given me a little confidence that I can make it work whenever times are tough,” he said. “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or in my case, you make a lemon drop martini. You gotta make it work and do the best you can do.”

Business owners say they are also trying to do online sales, but the revenue is not close to in-person business.