Spicy XO Lobster and Shrimp Fried Rice


1 T XO paste

1 t Chopped Garlic

½ C Scrambled egg

½ C Sliced Shallots

1T Chopped Chives

2 oz Chopped Lobster

2 oz Chopped Shrimp

1 t Sugar

1 t Sambal

S & P to taste

6 oz Dried (cooked) Rice

Wok Method

1. Wok Scramble Egg and Remove

2. Add Garlic (Chopped), Garlic (flat) Chives, Sugar

3. Stir Fry Until Warm Remove To Egg Plate

4. Add Rice

5. Stir Fry Until Rice Is Tender

6. Add a small amount of XO

7. Add Lobster, Shrimp And Eggs

8. Adjust Seasoning

9. Plate

10. Garnish With Crisp Shallots & Scallion Rings