Spate of car burglaries continues in Fort Worth

Fort Worth continues to see a rise in the number of car burglaries.

Fort Worth police have been asking for the public's help and posting on social media reports about a series of car burglaries in different parts of town for nearly a month.

One of the latest in a string of car burglaries happened Friday around midnight in a Heritage Trace neighborhood. The security cameras at a home caught what looks like a young man checking car doors until he finds one that's unlocked.

The burglar noticed a security camera pointed right at him and he pulls up his hoodie – but it was too late. Police hope that's a break for them and someone knows who he is and will call police.

Residents believe at least two men maybe three were driving around their far northwest neighborhood Friday night burglarizing cars that are unlocked and taking whatever they could find of value.

"The officer said they're targeting handguns, plenty of handguns being taken,” Tony Gutierrez, burglary victim. “If you come out and confront them could very well be armed, it sucks that's the world we live in."

Fort Worth police are urging people to lock their cars.