Southeast Dallas officers partner with non-profit to help people with food, clothes

Dallas police are doing more than fighting crime. They found a new partner to help fill the needs of people who officers encounter in Southeast Dallas.

The goal is to foster better police relations with the community.

Officers in Southeast Dallas are on patrol with a new partner. It’s a unique one-of-a-kind non-profit police hope will make a difference in more than one way. It’s called Trusted World.

"Trusted World is an organization that provides resources to police officers, school counselors and other non-profits so that they don’t have to have their own clothes closet or food pantry," said founder and CEO Michael Garrett.

The program gives officers an online resource of food and clothes that is completely free to give to people who need them.

"Our partners can go to an order form and say, ‘I need a medium shirt. I need a size thirteen pants. I need this size underwear.’ Socks, shoes, list everything by size, and we pick those orders specifically for the individual that they are trying to help," Garrett said.

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"This is just another avenue of providing and building on that trust that we so desperately want to have with members of our community," said Dallas Police Sgt. Warrant Mitchell.

This weekend, Dallas police served the needs of two families through its new partnership with Trusted World. Officers on patrol learned of their struggles and provided exactly what was needed.

"We have the best men and women in law enforcement," Mitchell said. "And oftentimes they go out to answer a call, and the first thing they do is recognize perhaps a living condition or a struggle that a family might be going through while they're there on other reasons."

"You've heard countless stories of teachers and police officers reaching into their own wallets. But now, they're limited by their own finances," Garrett said. "We're telling them, ‘No, we’ve got your back.’ They can order resources from us. You're no longer limited by your financial responsibilities. You're limited by what we have in our facilities."

"To address some of the social needs that they might need, and so that is something that officers have always wanted to do," Mitchell said. "And now Trusted World has provided enough resources for us to be able to do that."

The end goal is to help people through a positive experience with police.