South Dallas car wash ordered to close after fatal shooting

Jim's Car Wash in south Dallas must now close following a decision from city leaders.

The car wash, located on Martin Luther King Blvd. in the Fair Park neighborhood, is where 56-year-old Sheila Sanders was shot and killed earlier this month.

She was working at the business when a gun fight broke out.

A judge issued a temporary restraining order requiring the car wash owner to improve security, and he closed down.

Sander's husband asked the car wash to reopen, saying too many jobs are lost without it.

"Please keep this car wash open. That is a lot of jobs. A lot of people who aren't bringing anything home so they're robbing, stealing, and killing," said Marshall Cornelius, whose wife was killed at the car wash.

Despite his plea, the board of adjustment voted unanimously that the business had an "adverse effect" on the community.

Members ordered it to permanently close on July 19.