Son's viral tweet brings business to dad's new donut shop in Missouri City

A simple tweet by the son of the owner of a newly opened donut shop in Missouri City helped to bring in dozens and dozens of customers and help sell out items over the weekend.

On Saturday, Billy tweeted, "My dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop." He shared a picture of his dad behind the counter and another picture of the shop with a "grand opening" sign in front.


But Billy's dad wasn't "sad" for long. The tweet quickly spread across Twitter after being retweeted hundreds of thousands of times. People who saw the tweet began to visit Billy's Donuts.

On Sunday, Billy wrote on Twitter that the shop had completely sold out of donuts and kolaches.

"Just wanted to update yall! We completely sold out of donuts and kolaches! You are all amazing. I can't thank everyone enough for coming out and supporting local businesses. This means so much to my family."

Billy shared a picture of him and his dad smiling behind the counter.


Twitter also got involved in helping Billy and his dad. The official account retweeted Billy's original tweet on Sunday afternoon saying, "You donut want to miss out on Billy’s and neither do we! We’ll be there tomorrow morning."

On Monday Billy shared pictures of Twitter's visit to the shop.

Billy also said that Twitter bought out the entire shop for customers on Monday.