Some roads in Fort Worth's West 7th area now one way

Some streets in the West Seventh Street area of Fort Worth are now one way.

The city of Fort Worth made the changes Monday morning in an effort to control the big crowds in the entertainment district.  

In addition to reducing conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians, the changes are supposed to improve access for emergency vehicles.

Crews were out installing new signs and street markings along Morton, Bledsoe, Norwood and Fox streets. Not everyone got the memo.

“I think it’s definitely confusing with the roads being the way they are. They just changed everything up. It’s going to take some time to get used to but it’ll probably end up being a good thing in the end,” said Lance Winebrinner, who was driving in the area.

The changes are just the first of many improvements to one of the most active developments in Fort Worth.

City staff worked with businesses, civic organizations, neighborhood associations and other stakeholders to come up with recommendations, which include $8 million to improve the right-of-way from the Trinity River to West University Drive.