Some North Texas businesses thriving during coronavirus pandemic

We've seen time and time again businesses struggling to survive during the pandemic. But for some owners, the past few months have been surprisingly profitable.

The pandemic has really limited what people can do. With bars and nightclubs closed, many consumers have disposable income they can spend elsewhere. They're turning to clothes and food to cheer them up.

Please Come Home – LA inside Galleria Dallas is a streetwear store that's successfully navigating tough economic times brought on by the pandemic. Cell phone video shows the line that forms outside during peak hours.

“It’s been an absolute blessing,” said co-owner Larry Singleton. “We’re just thankful that the community chooses to come to us.”

“All ages, from kids to adults. They’ll be times that the whole family will come in here, and they’ll get shoes and sneakers and all leave together with something,” said co-owner Scott Norris.

It's that broad demographic that owners credit with the store's success, even at a time when many other brick and mortar stores are closing. They've developed a big online presence. Specialized merchandise is a big draw, too.

“There are shoes on a limited release,” explained Private Selection owner Ian Thomas. “Let’s say they make 8,500 pairs. They can come out and sell for $2,000.”

SMU Economics Professor Mike Davis says despite near-record unemployment levels, people still have money to spend.

“We're not doing all the fun stuff people normally do in the summer,” Davis said. “People still want to do something, and they've got money to spend.”

It’s even more evident by the massive line that routinely forms outside Cookie Society in Frisco.

“It’s such a small thing to stop and get a cookie to stop and get a treat with your kids with your family,” said owner Marissa Allen.  

Allen and her husband opened Cookie Society in Frisco in mid-April as COVID-19 was spreading across North Texas. To their surprise, they routinely sell out. The small store-front now employs 22 workers.

The Allens say the recipe to their sweet success is to offer a product folks rather not live without.

The owners of Please Come Home – LA say June was their best month since opening the store back in 2018. July is on track to be even better.