Some North Texans get to meet, thank first responders who helped save their lives

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Some thankful North Texans got the chance to meet the first responders who helped save their lives.

The reunions took place at Baylor Scott & White Centennial in Frisco.

Liz Rabbia was 33 weeks pregnant when her husband found her unresponsive at their home last December.

McKinney Fire Department paramedics were there within minutes and performed life-saving measures until they got to the hospital.

Rabbia fully recovered and brought her baby daughter, Harper, to meet the people who helped saved her life as well.

“I know that people who had as much medical issues as I did don’t get to get the opportunity often to survive or have as good of an outcome as I did, and I'm forever thankful. I know he is too and it’s just one of those feelings that you can’t describe getting to meet them," Rabbia said.

Another survivor, 65-year-old Jesse Diaz, got to meet the men and women of the Frisco Fire Department who helped him while he was having a heart attack in February.

The efforts of the paramedics and staff at Centennial allowed Diaz to get to meet his granddaughter, who was born just after his heart attack.