Some animals seized during N. TX raid reunite with owners

At a custody hearing Wednesday afternoon, owners were given the opportunity to begin reclaiming their animals that were rescued from deplorable conditions at an Ellis County home.

Sheriff’s investigators and the SPCA rescued 68 dogs, three cats and a macaw from the home of 69-year-old Gayle Justice last week.

She was supposed to be caring for them at her animal boarding house in Waxahachie.

The SPCA says the animals were covered in urine and feces.

After Wednesday’s custody hearing, FOX 4 started seeing some of the reunions take place at the SPCA shelter in west Dallas.

Some owners them hadn't seen their pets in years.

A microchip led the SPCA to the Galbreath family.

They gave up their golden retriever, Paris, to a trainer 10 years ago, and he ended up at that Ellis County home.