Snake interrupts happy hour on Greenville Avenue

A North Texas man just wanted to take his daughter and her friends to a concert, but he ended up with a snake in his lap!

Andrew Tyler Madison said he dropped off his daughter and her three friends for a concert at the Granada Theater in Dallas.

While the girls waited to get into the venue, Madison stopped to grab a drink at Life's Good Bar and Grill's patio nearby.

In the video, which was originally posted to Instagram, you can see a snake slithering across Greenville Avenue and towards Madison.

"Everybody on the patio jumped up, except for me. I think that’s why he came my way, because I wasn’t standing up," Madison told FOX 4.

It eventually slithers up Madison's chair and onto his back.

Madison said a few minutes later a manager for the bar came with tongs and a bucket to catch the snake.


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They eventually captured it and released it into the alley. No one was injured.

Madison says he wasn't too worried about the reptile.

"I grew up in West Texas around rattlesnakes, so I know not to freak out," he told FOX 4.