SMU gives business students $10 million to invest in the stock market

Dallas’ Southern Methodist University is staking its reputation on the investing skills of its students – giving the business school real money to invest in the real stock market.

SMU’s Cox School of Business has set aside $10 million for students to put into the stock market.

“We have about 35 students in our undergrad class, about 30 in out grad class. The grads have about $6.5 million. The undergrads have about $4 million,” said Don Shelly, a portfolio practicum professor.

“They're working with live ammunition. These are real dollars. And these are dollars that are generally have been given by key donors and they want our students to really have the experience,” added Dean Matthew Meyers.

The money itself funds the salary of one of the school’s endowed chairs. Shelly joked that it does not fund his salary. That would be a conflict of interest.

“We’re actually here using real money so it’s very exciting,” said SMU business student Julianne Dunn.

Shelly said the class is all about teaching students to present, to research and to write so they’re prepared for the job market, especially in Texas.

“If a company hires one Cox school graduate they'll be back for more. There's no question about it,” Meyers said.

In fact, seven in 10 students are from outside of the state and about seven in 10 of them stay in Texas after graduating.