Skull and other bones found in Plano creek

Police searched an area near a Plano elementary school where a skull was found Tuesday afternoon.

A cyclist riding on a trail spotted what looked like a human skull in Spring Creek, behind Carlisle Elementary School, on Tuesday.  Officers searched in the area until about 9 p.m. and found more bones.

Plano police spent most of Wednesday at the scene looking for more evidence, using search dogs on the ground and DPS helicopter from above. The Collin County Medical Examiner will work to determine if the remains are human and identify them.

Police said there have been two people reported missing in the area, including 23-year-old Christina Morris who disappeared in 2014.

“The two missing person cases of recent years are on our radar,” said Plano PD spokesman David Tilley. “If these do come back to be human remains, the Christina Morris case is clearly the most obvious. The [other case is] Christopher Tennyson. We have been in contact with both of those families.”

Because the site is near a creek, police are concerned there could be more bones in the area that have either been washed away during a rainstorm or covered by debris.

The investigation did not impact the daily schedule at nearby Carlisle Elementary.