Six Dallas police officers under investigation after December 2020 illegal search

Six Dallas police officers are under criminal investigation, and one has a warrant out for his arrest.

Officer Jacob Hughes is facing a charge of fabricating evidence.

Officers Nathan Newman, Bradley Williams, Thomas Foster, Moses Munoz and Dylan Nelson are under investigation for official oppression.

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The officers investigated a report of gunfire at a Dallas motel last December. They arrested Terry Yearling for a felony gun violation. However, police say the officers illegally searched Yearling's room before his arrest.

The officers were all wearing body cameras. 

Yearling pleaded guilty but is now trying to have the conviction overturned.

"Although I am extremely disheartened by what this investigation revealed, I am proud of the internal control measures performed by the supervisors that exposed the actions of those involved," said Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia. "When we work together and hold all officers accountable for their actions, we build trust among ourselves and the community we serve."

All of the officers are on administrative leave.