Shots fired into elderly Fort Worth woman's home

Someone fired shots into the home of an elderly woman early Thursday morning. She’s lucky to be alive.

Around 20 rounds went into the home near Annie Street and Illinois Avenue in Fort Worth around 2 a.m.

Many of the bullets made it all the way to the front bedroom where 92-year-old Sue Boatley was sleeping.

One of her daughters showed FOX 4 some of the damage. Glass is everywhere and the shots knocked panels off the wall.

“In my mother’s room looked like somebody came in and just shot up. Knocked the pictures over, broke the glass and shot up over her head. It must have been a powerful rifle because it knocked the paneling loose,” Ruth Boatley said.

Incredibly, the elderly woman was not hurt.

Her family believes someone targeted the wrong house. They’ve lived in the home for nearly 40 years and said they’ve never had anything like this happened.

Police are investigating, but don’t have any leads on the suspects.