Shots fired after Fort Worth crash

Shots were fired after a crash in Fort Worth Tuesday morning.

It happened around 10 a.m. on Trail Lake Drive near Loop 820. Police said a couple in a dark blue Lexus SUV was traveling south on Trail Lake Drive and hit a black Chevy Suburban that turned out in front of them.

The driver of the Lexus got out and approached the Suburban.  The driver of the Suburban told him he didn’t want to call police and drove off. The Lexus' driver then fired four or five shots in the direction of the Suburban. No one was hit, police said.

Collin Sullivan was a passenger in the Suburban and refused to leave the scene with his friend.

"He asked me to take off with him and I just figured it was better not to. I don't think a real friend would have put me in that position in the first place," he said.

The man with the gun was taken into police custody. It's not yet clear if he'll face any charges. Police also caught up with the driver of the Suburban, identified as 30-year-old Bobby Vela. He had an expired license and was arrested.

The woman in the Lexus was injured in the crash and taken to the hospital.