Shoplifting suspects lead Fort Worth PD on high-speed chase

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Five theft suspects are in custody accused of shoplifting and then leading police on a high-speed chase.

The crime just happened to have been spotted by an off-duty Fort Worth police detective Monday around 9 p.m.

It was good timing for police when an alert off-duty detective out doing some shopping. It was the same time a group of accused thieves tried to pull off a pretty bold grab-and-dash heist.

Police say five young adults were busted after they stole a large amount of clothing from a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Fort Worth and then led officers on a high-speed chase.

Police say several in the group grabbed bundles of items from the Nike section of the store and ran to a waiting getaway vehicle outside.

Police say the off-duty officer took notice and was able to get the license plate number and quickly put out a call to dispatch with the information including a good description of the vehicle.

"He also reached out to an officer that he knew that was part of the special response team, which we refer to as SRT,” said Fort Worth Police Spokesperson Brad Perez. “That individual was able to locate this vehicle at some point and tried to initiate a traffic stop, which ended up becoming a pursuit."

Police say the five suspects range from 17 to 20 years old. Investigators say at the end of the chase, 17-year old Princess Taylor was driving.

Officers used spike strips to disable the vehicle some 25 miles away in the Weatherford Traffic Circle near highways 183 and 377.

Police say the chase went through five patrol divisions and the city of Benbrook. All are facing charges including theft, evading arrest and organized criminal activity.