Shooting rampage survivor makes big plans for senior prom

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He lost his sister and his mother. He’s also losing his eyesight and has his left arm paralyzed.

Storm Malone is one of the victims in former Mavs ManiAAC Dancer Erbie Bowser's shooting rampage. He's managed to overcome so much during crucial years of his life — his high school years.

One of Malone’s classmates and a friend who knows what he's gone through made sure he's ending his senior year on a positive note.

Though thousands of high school seniors will attend proms this weekend, none have a story of survival like Storm.

“God wouldn't put us in any situation that he wouldn't help us through,” he said.

In August 2013, Malone’s mother's boyfriend shot him in the face and then killed his mother, Toya Smith, and his sister, Tasmia Allen. Bowser also killed his estranged wife, Zina Bowser, and her daughter, Neima Williams.

A Dallas County jury found Bowser guilty of capital murder on Friday.

Malone was a freshman at the time of the murders. Now, less than a week since his conviction, Malone is preparing for a night he sometimes thought would never happen.

"I just psyched myself out,” he said. “If I have to go by myself, I'll go by myself."

Duncanville High School senior prom is Saturday. Malone now has a date after Zar’iah Cornish asked him.

"I just remember I kept talking about it around him like what colors we should wear and stuff, and then we just decided to go together,” she said.

Cornish met Malone in a culinary arts class. She knew his story and helped him with his work.

Malone has difficulty seeing and can't use his left arm, which is paralyzed from the gunshot injuries. The teacher kept assigning them to sit together, and a friendship developed over time, right up to prom season.

"Basically, she just kept giving me hints like, 'We would look really nice together at prom,’” he said.

They won't show their outfits to anyone but their families until Saturday but did say they're wearing gold and white.

At age 18, Malone is a man of few words. But, it’s easy to tell what his date means to him.

“I’m really thankful for her,” he said. “Her friendship means a lot to me."