Several North Texans to be featured in Children's Health Super Bowl ad

Several North Texas children will be making their Super Bowl debut this weekend during a commercial for Children's Health that will air during the big game on Sunday.

Aidan Braswell, who is 14 years old, is among more than a dozen Children's Health patients featured in the spot that will be seen by millions.

Braswell is a young, aspiring actor.

“I always enjoy making people laugh and smile,” Braswell said.

So far, he's got three plays under his belt.

He's preparing for a Shakespeare production and taking classes at North Texas Performing Arts.

He can now add the Super Bowl to his acting credits.

“I was so excited. Me and my mom were just lost for words honestly, because we were so excited,” he added.

Braswell is one of several North Texans featured in the 60-second ad for Children's Health that will run during the biggest television event of the year.

“The message we're trying to get across with this is that kids rule,” said Keri Kaiser, with Children’s Medical Center. “This commercial was completely inspired by the patients we have. They are so resilient, energetic. No matter what injury or illness they have, they are always positive, energetic, and this ad is really a reflection of who they are.”

Hospital reps say Braswell, who has muscular dystrophy and is wheelchair-bound, has been under the care of Children’s Health for most of his life.

“We get to see him all the time, and his energy, his resilience, his attitude just shines through. And so that was what we were looking for. We probably could've chosen about 1,000 kids,” Kaiser added.

That energy is seen towards the end of the ad, as the teen is racing down a hospital hallway.

“It was my first ever thing that'll be on TV,” Braswell said.

But don't expect all that Super Bowl fame to go to his head just yet.

[REPORTER: “What was it like seeing you at the end?] “It was kind of weird, but cool at the same time,” Braswell responded.

The ad is set to air at the end of the second quarter, right before the halftime show.