Sentencing hearing continues for man connected to 13-year-old Lancaster girl's death

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The sentencing hearing for the man linked to the kidnapping and murder of a Lancaster teenager continued on Tuesday with a second day of testimony.

Darius Fields is being sentenced on weapons charges, but government and state prosecutors feel he is responsible for the murder of 13-year-old Shavon Randle. She was kidnapped in 2017 behind stolen marijuana.

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Fields is one of several people connected to the high-profile case that resulted in Shavon’s death and Michael Titus in 2017. To this date, no one has been charged for their murders.

LaPorshya Polley is already behind bars for her part in buying guns for her boyfriend, Darius Fields. She testified Tuesday about Shavon’s murder and the marijuana that started it all.

Polley testified that the weed at the Motel 6 belonged to Michael Titus and Darius Fields. But she later said that the weed “belonged to Titus, not Fields.”

Polley believed that Titus set her up to be robbed by Kendall Perkins because “The Mexicans had fronted him the weed.”

The contradictory statements prompted Judge Barbara Lynn to question Polley.

“Your conclusion is that Mr. Titus stole his own dope from you to use you as an excuse when the Mexican people who gave him the drugs without charging him came to collect?" asked the judge.

“Yes,” Polley said.

Cellphone towers put the phones of LaQuon Wilkerson, Devontae Owens and Desmond Jones near the house where Shavon was kidnapped and together on a cell tower close to the house where her body was found. They were all on the same cell tower at the same time along with the 13-year-old’s cell phone.

Jones, Wilkerson and Owens charged with aggravated kidnapping.

This hearing is aimed at increasing the time Fields could receive on federal weapons charges. The government is arguing his bad acts set in motion events ending with Shavon’s death.

“I want him to get the max,” said Shaquana Persley, Shavon’s mother. “I want him to get what he deserves. Sit there and suffer?”

The hearing did not end on Tuesday. The judge said she would set a date for resumption and conclusion.