Security guard charged with murder after shooting man at Dallas apartments

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A uniformed security officer was charged with murder after shooting and killing a man Sunday night.

Dallas police found the man with a gunshot wound outside the Oasis Apartments on Ledbetter Avenue near Sunnyvale in South Oak Cliff. He later died at the hospital.

The arrest affidavit has not been made available. Based on what little information police have provided, it appears the security guard was acting beyond the scope of his authority when he used deadly force.

Police believe the victim, 32-year-old Christopher Willlard, was involved in an altercation with a female guard. Other security guards were called in to help.

The security officers went into the man’s apartment to confront him. There was a physical struggle that ended up on an upstairs breezeway.

As the security officers tried to subdue the man, police said Security Officer Vincent Hobbs shot him. The 32-year-old guard was arrested and charged with murder.

Attorney Anthony Farmer is not involved in the a has no interest in the case. He says security guards do not have the same authority as police.

“They could have called police for backup instead of going out and getting a posse of other security officers to apprehend this man,” he said. “You can't allege its self-defense at this point because they had an opportunity to call the police.”

The district attorney's Public Integrity Unit was at the apartment complex Sunday night. Both the DA and police department’s investigative findings will go to the grand jury.

“We give the police 45 days to file the main file that they have,” explained Dallas County DA John Creuzot. “With us, we know there may be forensic testing that takes longer.”

Bobbie Ford says she has no animosity towards the man charged with her grandson's murder

“I can’t hate him. I could say I feel sorry for him because he's taken a life that he can't replace,” she said. “God is gonna have to work this out for us. He's gonna have to keep us and strengthen us, so it’s just in the Lord’s hand.”

Hobbs' bond was set at $150,000.