Search for person swept away by high water in Dallas called off

Dallas Fire Rescue has called off its search for the person swept away in high water in northwest Dallas Thursday afternoon.

A witness called 911 around 2 p.m. and said that someone was in a culvert near Walnut Hill Lane near Shady Trail.

The city’s swift water rescue team put a boat in the water to search up and down a two-mile stretch from Walnut Hill Lane to the Elm fork of the Trinity River. Crews pulled the boats after the water levels receded.

“Before I arrived, there was as little as two feet of space between the water surface and bottom of this bridge,” said Jason Evans with DFR. “Now there's six feet of space, so the water has receded a bit which can help and aide the rescue or recover.”

Officials say it is possible the person seen going in the water was able to get out on his own later.

Police also think the person may have been homeless. They will check in nearby camps to see if anyone is missing.