Search ends for missing retired Dallas firefighter

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The search is over for a missing retired Dallas firefighters after one final search on Wednesday.

It’s been nearly two weeks since 70-year-old Michael Chambers was last seen on surveillance video leaving Walmart near his home in Quinlan, which is about 40 miles east of Dallas. His wife reported him missing because he wasn’t there when she returned home that evening.

The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office said the new search was based on new information. Professional teams searched an area about a block away from Chambers’ home but left frustrated and disappointed.

“We’ve had two searches conducted so far. A week ago today, we conducted a large massive search that y’all covered as well as last Saturday. We covered across the street from Mr. Chambers’ residence and a wooded area also including some water,” said Sgt. Jeff Haines with the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office. “Based on information that was gathered there and additional information the criminal investigators have, Sheriff Randy Meeks has ordered that an area directly southwest of the residence to be searched today.”

Sheriff Meeks said search dogs had earlier picked up Chambers’ scent in that area. Analysis on a small amount of blood found in his workshop and on a wooden dowel also came back with confirmation it was from him. But there’s still not enough evidence for investigators to draw any conclusions.

“It’s still a mystery as to why Mr. Chambers left or why he’s gone from the residence,” Meeks said. “We’re still trying to ascertain the theory behind that. But our biggest focus right now is trying to locate Mr. Chambers.”

Not even family members can make sense of any of this.

"Our minds have been in 100 different directions,” said Dawne Erickson, Chambers’ sister-in-law. “Every scenario we can possibly think of and nothing adds up. Nothing makes sense. So, of course, you want to hope and believe for the best."

Family members are determined to stay strong and positive. They wrapped yellow ribbons around the trees in the front of the home to serve as a reminder that Chambers is still missing and the hope that he will come home soon.

Chambers’ family is offering up to a $25,000 reward for information that can lead to his safe return.