Schools make changes for the freezing cold

Some schools delayed classes or made changes Wednesday because of the freezing temperatures.

Cedar Hill, Athens, Canton, Corsican and Wills Point ISDs started two hours late on Wednesday. Eustace ISD remained closed. For a complete list, see

Cedar Hill ISD is not blaming only the cold for the delay. The district said a bus driver shortage at Dallas County Schools affected service on Tuesday.

“To ensure better service, all students will start two hours late [Wednesday]. Staff will report at their usual time,” the district said in a statement.

One bus driver in McKinney said she actually showed up for work 30 minutes early to make sure her bus was warmed up for students.

Students at McKinney's McClure Elementary had to be bused to McKinney Boyd High School auditorium after school started because low gas pressure on the campus was impacting the temperature inside the building. 

At Wylie High School students were allowed to break dress code rules to wear warm clothes.

“Well the weather started coming in and I started getting hit with text messages, Facebook posts and tweet requests saying, ‘Mr. Montgomery, it’s going to be cold.’ I would say 90 percent of them showed up in jeans or sweatpants or something like that today. Anything to be out of dress code, they get excited about that,” said Virdie Montgomery, the school’s principal.

In the least, most schools in North Texas canceled outdoor events like soccer games due to the freezing temperatures.