Santa Fe baseball honors player injured in shooting

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Saturday night's playoff game, where Kingwood Park took on Santa Fe, was a time for many to take a break from the emotions of what happened Friday.

“It was just a normal day, doing my work as usual and I heard a loud bang behind me and my ears started ringing,” says Rome Shubert. Shubert says he was sitting in art class with about 15 to 20 others when a student wearing a long black trench coat came in and opened fire. He was able to escape but when he got outside he realized he had been shot in the back of the head.

At the hospital, doctors told him how bad it could have been. “He said that it went through, all the way through, and that if it would have been any up any down, any side to side that I could have been paralyzed or killed,” says Shubert.

“While we were driving to the hospital, Rome called me and said 'mom I’m at the hospital. I’ve been shot. I’m using the nurses phone and I just wanted to let you know I’m ok'. By the grace of God he is alive,” says his mother Sheri Shubert.

Friday night, Schubert’s baseball team was supposed to play, but after a meeting with the coaches, decided to play Saturday.

“The coaches were talking to us and telling us if we wanted to end the season that it would be okay. That they were proud of us for what we had already done," says another player Dalton Stevens. "So everyone left the room and left it just to the players and we had decided that we wanted to keep playing for Rome. We didn’t want the person who did this to get what he wanted, stopping our season early."

And so they did, one by one taking the field and giving the community something good to focus on.

“They kind of started thinking that they would pull together and kind of just play for the town”, says Lorie Clarac.