Ron Price nominated to Texas Southern University Board of Regents

Former Dallas ISD Board member Ron Price will soon have a new position.

Price has been nominated by Governor Greg Abbott to serve on the Board of Regents for Texas Southern University.

He served on the Dallas School Board for 12 years, and poured himself into education, holding many state and national positions.

Now, his public service is coming full circle as he gets ready to serve on the board of the university he attended.

“The governor and I have been doing some things around the state together, trying to bring some unity to our state, and during those conversations, during those meetings throughout the state, he talked about other roles, other ways I could serve the state of Texas,” Price said.

Price, who also tried to save the failed Prime Prep Academy, graduated from Paul Quinn in Dallas, but attended Texas Southern.

“I’m familiar with Texas Southern, that part of Houston, and some wonderful people down there, and I look forward to heading to Houston often, and try to make sure all those youngsters down there get a great education,” he added.

There are challenges facing Price. The students have grievances about campus conditions.

Regents have recently resigned, and as in years past, there are questions about the university's financial integrity.

“Priority number one is of course the financial challenges that the university have. I’m gonna roll up both sleeves and get in there with the auditors and take a good look and see what’s going on financially,” Price said. “Secondly, I of course want to make sure the students get everything they need to receive a tremendous education at Texas Southern University.”

The appointment of Price is subject to senate confirmation, which is expected to happen this spring, likely next month.

The next TSU Board of Regents meeting is April 13.