Roanoke students, families help beloved crossing guard

An elementary school community in Roanoke has come together to help one of its crossing guards hit by tough times.

Sharon Sams Chandler brightens the days of the kids she helps to get to school with her fun outfits and words of wisdom. But she's recently run into some financial trouble, so the kids and their parents stepped up to help.

Sharon has been a crossing guard for three years and has a unique approach -- dressing in costumes and dispensing wisdom to the kids she helps across the street. It’s her way of letting kids know it’s ok to be different.

“Looking kind of mismatched to some to me I think it’s perfect,” Sharon said.

Even when it’s not perfect she never loses her smile. But she’s had a challenging few months.

The air conditioning went out during the summer’s 100-degree days in her 2007 SUV. Then the power steering took a turn for the worse.

“Anybody who’s driven a car without power steering back in the day knows it’s kinda hard, worse than not having the air, power steering,” Sharon said.

A couple of weeks after school started she got stuck by lightning right after all the kids had gone home safely.

“This crash of lightning came down next thing I know I was grabbing my leg,” Sharon said.

She thinks the lightning came up from the ground and into her foot. She had to get medical care, but was able to quickly return to work.

But the bills had piled up, so parents of the kids she treasures came to the rescue. They caught the surprise on video as they presented her with more than $3,000 they raised to help Sharon with medical bill and car repairs.

Everything she does is for the kids she helps get home safely.

“I just try to be the person that listens to them, cheers them up I’m a cheerleader for them I tell them they’re wonderful and to be a superhero that day,” she said.