Richardson mom accused of killing daughter's grandmother found incompetent to stand trial

Justice was delayed for the family of a woman shot and killed by her grandchild's mother at a Richardson Starbucks.

The trial for Tranisa Watts was set to start last week, but a recent evaluation led the court to halt proceedings.

Photographs over the last 14 months show the memories Jazmin Parnell wished she could’ve shared with her aunt, Kentoria Goodson-Edwards. 

"It hurts because she should be here for all these milestones. She missed this whole past year," Parnell said.

The 52-year-old was shot and killed outside a Richardson Starbucks in April 2022 in front of her 3-year-old granddaughter, Jordyn. 


Richardson mother kills daughter's grandmother over custody, police say

Richardson police charged a woman with capital murder after they say she shot and killed her 3-year-old child's paternal grandmother at a Starbucks. The grandmother had custody of the little girl for the majority of her life. Family members say the child's mother was not involved in her life.

Goodson-Edwards, Jordyn’s paternal grandmother, was the child’s legal guardian at the time. 

On April 18, 2022, Jordyn’s mother, Tranisa Watts, begged to meet up and see Jordyn at a Starbucks off Renner Road. 

Watts didn’t have custody of Jordyn.

On the patio, police say Watts pulled out a gun and murdered Goodson-Edwards in order to take the little girl.

"We would’ve had peace and closure, but now we have to wait even more months for what the verdict will be," Parnell said.

Tuesday, Parnell spoke to FOX 4 still disappointed in the prolonged process. She planned on attending Watts’ scheduled capital murder trial in Collin County last week. But in the 11th hour, the trial was canceled.

Online records show the courts found Watts incompetent to stand trial after her defense team requested a mental health evaluation. 

Watts does have a lengthy criminal history dating back to 2016, including criminal case filings for robbery, assault and theft. Records show she also served time in prison. 

"We know she is still in jail, but we want to know how long she will be in there for," Parnell said.

As Parnell and her family wait for their day in court, Jordyn continues to grow older. She’s now 4 years old and lives with her father, her legal guardian. 

"She still remembers her granny. She goes to Walmart and says, ‘Granny!’ She will look at my mom and say, ‘Granny!’ Because they look alike. She still misses her granny," Parnell said.

A hearing is set for next month and then a medical status update on Watts in September.