Residents urged to be careful going outside after fire breaks out in Fort Worth

Some residents in Fort Worth on Thursday were still being asked to be careful when going outside due to a scrap metal fire sending out large amounts of black smoke late Wednesday.

Firefighters battled the two-alarm fire for hours after it broke out Wednesday night at a metal scrap pile near 38th Street and North Main Street, just north of Downtown Fort Worth.

Residents that live from North Main Street to Beach Street and NE 38th Street and NE 28th Street are asked to be aware of the air quality in the area.

No injuries were reported. Crews contained the fire, but monitored the flare-ups into the morning.

The city says it is monitoring the air quality around the fire, and they do not believe there is any health risk from the smoke at the moment.

It’s unclear if the fire is weather-related, but an investigation is ongoing.