Rental scooters, bikes expected to return to Dallas in weeks

Dallas is preparing to welcome back electric rental scooters and bikes in the next few weeks.

The city plans to license three vendors with up to 500 rental vehicles each.

Scooters were banned in 2020 because of safety complaints.

Now companies will have to comply with new speed and location restrictions.

Scooters returning to Dallas? City accepting permits for companies to bring them back with new rules

The top vendors: Lime, Bird, and Superpedestrian all demonstrated they can automatically reduce scoter speed in slow-ride zones, like Deep Ellum.

The city also created no-ride zones that will automatically shut down scooters.

Unlike the first go-round, the city hopes to have scooters and e-bikes distributed more evenly around Dallas.

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We are going to be pushing this much needed transportation.

"We are going to be pushing this much needed transportation mode out into neighborhoods that desperately need them, that maybe didn't get to see them the first round," said Dallas city councilmember Omar Narvaez.

The revised plan also requires corrals to avoid having scooters scattered on sidewalks and streets.

You can expect to see scooters on Dallas streets within the next few weeks.