Renee Hall officially sworn in as Dallas PD chief

New Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall was ceremonially sworn in Wednesday afternoon at the Latino Cultural Center in Old East Dallas.

During the ceremony, Chief Hall honored fallen DPD Officer Rogelio Santander and injured DPD Officer Crystal Almeida. She also paid tribute to the sacrifices officers make in the line of duty.

Hall’s first order of business as a sworn-in police chief was to present Santander's shield to his cadet class. She says her priorities are making sure her officers have every resource they need to excel in their duties.

“What we continue to do is let our officers know that we support them. I truly support them,” she said. “We as a community have to support them. We make sure we give them the resources and the tools they need to do their job and make sure they're whole mind body and spirit."

Chief Hall, who is from Detroit, has been on the job since September. However, she was not able to appear in uniform until February when she passed a test to become a certified peace officer in Texas on her first try. She says she waited to be sworn in until she could wear her uniform.