Recent flooding leaves Dallas roads damaged

The recent flooding across North Texas has left damage across the area and has left a mess for drivers.

A large sinkhole formed Tuesday night in northwest Dallas, nearly trapping a man and his truck. The driver told police he was southbound on Leahy when suddenly the front left side of his truck plunged into the hole. A city spokesperson says they're not yet sure if rain runoff contributed to this large sinkhole.

The city doesn't have a count yet of how many potholes have opened up due to all the rain, and the city says it's not yet known if requests for service have gone up.

Over on Irving Boulevard Bridge, there is a patchwork of about two dozen pot holes on the east and west bound lanes. A gaping hole opened up, leaving only rebar between cars and a large drop below.

Another gaping hole opened up a little over a week ago. It is now covered with metal and the right east bound lane is blocked off.

Now, there is another smaller hole in the only open east bound lane. Truck driver Lonnie Ivie damaged his truck on one of the holes in October.

“I'm fixing to have to pay a $500 deductible on my truck,” Ivie said. “It's hard to believe when you hit a hole that big, it cracks you windshield."

Ivie has been urging the city to rebuild the bridge. He's worried about what will happen if it keeps happening.

“The other morning, I swerved and barely missed the hole,” said Ivie. “If there hadn’t been another car there, I would have hit them."

The city hopes to have repairs here complete by Sunday. A spokesperson says they'll know just how much damage the rain did to Dallas roads by the end of the week.