Race fans bracing for hot weekend at Texas Motor Speedway

Indy car and truck fans braved the heat at Texas Motor Speedway where Friday’s temperature hit 94 degrees.

Race fans were feeling the need for shade.

Cornelius Jensen parked himself right in front of huge cooling fans. It was the best seat in the house.

“I didn't walk around the track today,” he said. “I was smart. I just came here first."

That seemed to be the strategy for race fans at Texas Motor Speedway. They stayed comfortable with plenty of shade and water.

Cheryl Mata says she felt like she couldn't get enough to drink and may have experienced heat stroke.

"I was probably close to it. I was a little light-headed. And I knew because I'm here alone that I needed to just relax and get some water and get some shade,” she said. “They were handing out waters to everybody standing in line umbrellas to people standing in line."

Those who had tickets to the PPG 400 Camping World Truck Series arrived well after the sun began to set. They were thankful the seats were already in the shade.

Indy cars were getting ready for the race on Saturday when the heat index is expected to flirt with triple digits.

"I flew in from Washington State last night to come down here for the races,” said Debbie Requa. “It's hot in Texas. It's very hot.”

Skylynn Rios enjoyed the cool mist that came from a huge Fort Worth Fire Department fan.

"It was really cool,” the 8-year-old said.

Skylynn can thank her grandmother for a different plan this time around.

"We come in for all the races,” said Diana Opella. “We usually camp out. But in this heat, I got a room. It's just too hot right now."