Quinlan girl, 4, leaves hospital after successful bone marrow transplant

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A 4-year-old Quinlan girl who underwent a bone-marrow transplant last month is finally getting out of the hospital.

Landrie Lay was discharged from Children's Medical Center Dallas after spending 48 days in the hospital. She needed the life-saving transplant after she was diagnosed with an aggressive blood cancer at the age of 3.

Wednesday was a big day for 4-year-old Landrie, who friends and family call “Teencie,” as she finally got to leave the hospital.

“That’s a big step for her. She’ll be able to get out of the four walls of this unit,” said Lindsey Lay, her mom.

Teencie has been at Children's since February 13 when she underwent a bone marrow transplant after being diagnosed with a blood cancer called MDS last November. Her parents say it's been a very difficult journey filled with mood swings, rashes and many sleepless nights.

“There’s ups and downs,” said Chris Lay, her dad. “And in those valleys, it’s hard for both of us. We know that’s not our kid.”

But the good news is the bone marrow transplant seems to be taking so far.

“She’s a very strong willed little girl, which is good for her ability to overcome this. So we’ve all loved working with Landry. It’s been great,” said Tiffany Simms-Waldrip with Children’s Health. “I anticipate that it gets further and further out from the transplant she’s going to feel more like her old self.”

So with her doctor's blessing, Teencie and her countless toys and medications are moving to the Ronald McDonald House for the next few weeks of her journey. It will keep her close by the hospital for her twice weekly follow up visits.

But before she left, her second family gave her a loving sendoff, hoping the happy memories are the ones she will remember.

“It’s bittersweet because we’ve made new friends here. We’ve had a good staff taking care of us,” Chris said. “But we know it’s not home, and nothing beats that.”

Teencie and her parents are holding Color Run and Swab Event on April 13. The event will be held from at 410 Clardy Drive in Quinlan from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. There is a $30 registration fee.

To join the National Bone Marrow Donor Program, text the word "Childrens" to 61474 and bethematch.org will send you a home swabbing kit by mail.

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Quinlan 4-year-old girl with cancer in need of bone marrow transplant