Quinlan 5-year-old back in hospital months after bone marrow transplant

A Quinlan 5-year-old is back in the hospital almost 11 months after a bone marrow transplant.

FOX 4 has followed Landrie's journey since before the transplant. She was diagnosed with blood cancer.

Little Landrie Lay can't seem to catch a break. The 5-year-old Quinlan girl affectionately known as Teencie is back at Children's Medical Center Dallas.

Teencie underwent a bone marrow transplant in February of last year after being diagnosed with a blood cancer called MDS.

The transplant appeared to be a success. Teencie was released from the hospital 48 days later.

But with the source of the high fevers which began on December 29 still unknown, Teencie and her mom, Lindsay Lay, have no choice but to check back in to Children's. Tuesday is the tenth day of their hospital stay.

“It's just like relentless,” Lindsay said. “Every time we feel like we get ahead, we take 10 steps forward and 25 backwards.”

Dr. Victor Aquino is one of Teencie's bone marrow transplant specialists.

“We're trying to do different blood tests to try and figure out the source so we can give her the appropriate treatment,” he explained.

Teencie's mom can't help but wonder if the bone marrow transplant didn't take.

“It's a fear. It is I don't want do go through this again. I don't want her to go through this again,” she said.

Dr. Aquino tries to calm her fears.

“Based on the counts that we've gotten, her bone marrow is functioning normally,” he explained.

But with no answers just yet, mom and daughter find comfort in one another.