Quinlan 4-year-old girl with cancer in need of bone marrow transplant

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A 4-year-old Quinlan girl is facing an uncertain future.

Right before Christmas, Landrie Lay was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that affects her bone marrow. Now, her parents are desperately searching for a donor match before her condition gets worse.

Landrie is like most girls her age. She loves princesses and painting, and abstract art seems to be her thing. But behind the bubbly disposition is a sick little girl.

Lindsay Lay is a registered nurse and started seeing the warning signs when her daughter was just 13 months old.

“She had strep and the flu again,” Lindsay recalled. “So her pediatrician said let's get another set of eyes on her.”

In November of last year, Mom got the heartbreaking news that Landrie has a rare blood cancer called MDS.

“Emotionally, this is any parent's nightmare,” she said. “I go to bed a lot very scared for her future and what she'll go through.”

MDS is a group of diverse bone marrow disorders in which the bone marrow does not produce enough healthy blood cells. That means Landrie needs a transplant.

It's so important that Landrie stays healthy so that when the time comes and a donor match is found she can go right into surgery. That's why Mom keeps a giant bottle at hand sanitizer at the front door. Everyone needs to use it when they come in for a visit.

In preparation for the chemo and transplant, Landrie and her mom are spending lots of time at Children's Medical Center in Dallas while undergoing a number of tests and procedures.

“Sometimes in the mornings, I need to go to the doctor,” Landrie said.

Landrie's older sister, Hailey Gore, is a student at Quinlan Ford High School. She’s raised over $1,000 by selling t-shirts to fellow classmates.

“It's rough,” Hailey said. “She's my best friend.”

The family is hoping and praying that a bone marrow match will be found soon. They're asking the community for help.

A benefit is planned for Saturday where people can get swabbed to find out if they're a match for Landrie.

Landrie's Journey
Fundraiser at Gilligans Bar
1425 E. Hwy 276
West Tawakoni, TX
Begins at noon