Questions remain after Waxahachie 6-year-old, suspect at center of Amber Alert found dead

Many questions remain unanswered following the death of a 6-year-old boy and his mother, who were found in a Waxahachie parking garage.

Authorities issued an Amber Alert Friday afternoon for Phillip Oliver Weidemann, who goes by Ollie, and his mother, Candace Harbin.

Waxahachie police believed Harbin, who did not have custody of her son, took the boy.

Community members have been coming to the parking garage where their bodies were found all day Saturday to leave cards, flowers, and toys - stuffed animals and Hot Wheels cars - to honor the little boy who lost his life here.

"It hurts, it really hurts to see," said Sean Flaherty.

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Flaherty was among those who lived near Harbin in a Waxahachie neighborhood who were shocked to hear the tragic turn of events that quickly unfolded after an Amber Alert went out for Ollie Weidemann.

"He was very outgoing personality, very fun kid," Flaherty added. "You could see he really had a bright future ahead of him."

Flaherty said Harbin lived there for about a year, and he would see her from time to time with Ollie.

He never picked up on any warning signs.

"Talked about her kid, and how grateful she was to have her kid. She didn't really mention anything about a custody battle," he added.

Police said Ollie was last seen getting picked up from school Thursday, but wouldn't confirm who picked him up.

Ollie's father, who had custody of the boy, contacted police Friday morning when Ollie didn't show up to school.

An Amber Alert was then issued Friday afternoon.

It said Ollie may be in "imminent danger."

A Facebook account appearing to be linked to the child's father posted a plea Friday, saying the boy had been taken by his mother, adding "my son is in very much danger!!! Please help!!"

Just after 6:30 p.m. Friday, hazmat crews responded to where Harbin's white Nissan minivan was spotted in a parking garage near Jackson and Jefferson.

She and Ollie were inside the minivan, and pronounced dead.

Police haven't released the circumstances surrounding their deaths, and have not said why a hazmat team was brought to the scene.

"You could see the joy in the kid's eyes and know that it shouldn't be taken like that," Flaherty added.

Police said that because of Texas Department of Public Safety requirements, an Amber Alert wasn't issued until Friday afternoon, after several failed attempts to track down Harbin.

Authorities have not said if they've responded to any reports of violence with the family before.